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Abdul Majeed Butt’s Guide to Business Travel Part 3

· Risk Management,Business Management

Abdul Majeed Butt is a consultant who currently resides in Mauritius, where he works as the CEO and director of Digital Paradigm Ltd. During his time as a business consultant, Abdul has traveled to an extensive assortment of countries. Check out the third country in Abdul Majeed’s guide to business travel: Malaysia.


Malaysia is a well-known business hub with a host of different business and entertainment opportunities. There are many cities in Malaysia that are ideal for those visiting to conduct business, one of the most popular being the prosperous capital of Kuala Lumpur. The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur hotel in Malaysia is situated conveniently next to the metro, as well as numerous business and entertainment attractions.

When you have a chance to relax and unwind during your business trip to Malaysia, you'll want to prioritize the following list of the most popular attractions to check out before you visit is over.

  • Check out the Petronas Towers. Known as a landmark of the city, Malaysia’s Petronas Towers offer a great view of the city.
  • Visit the Langkawi Beach. If you have an extra day to devote to relaxation, you'll want to check out one of Malaysia's most gorgeous beaches before your trip comes to a close. The Langkawi Beach provides a great venue for some much-needed rest and relaxation for both locals and tourists in Malaysia.
  • See Mount Kinabalu. Mount Kinabalu is a not only the largest mountain in Malaysia, but it's also a prominent natural wonder and a key feature of the country's beautiful ambiance.